CS Course Python not working In Bash

Hi all I am working through the Computer Science career path and have gotten to point where I am instructed to run a simple python program through Git Bash.

Here is the link to the article with all the steps:

I follow the steps as outlined in that I created a very simple python program in VSCode. Saved it in folder (not desktop as suggested in the article). I installed python and tired to run python through Git bash by typing “python” and hitting enter (as instructed). Git bash did not return any error or indicate the command was completed, instead there was just an empty line with no “$”.

I’m assuming you downloaded Python3? So, you’re in the CLI and typed, python (& not python3)? Were you able to write & execute print("Hello, World") ?

Thank you for responding I really appreciate it. I typed python3 into the git bash CLI, but i had the same result. I am going to re-install python and try using andaconda if that doesn’t work. Thank you!