Critique on resume

I have been applying for many companies recently but almost none is replying to me back. Do you have any feedback on how should I write my resume? Here I attach the link to it. In this resume I didn’t put my GPA, I put it in the other resume that I used to apply to a company. Thank you for the feedback.

My Resume

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Unfortunately, that seems to be the norm. If you apply to a job on LinkedIn you can see how many other ppl have applied which could give you an indication as to chances of someone actually reading your resume.

I don’t think you need to put your gpa on your resume.

Most companies use a tool called an ATS–applicant tracking system to scan resumes as a first step…

There are also some free tools where one can scan their resume themselves to see if it passes (you can google that) and what points you need to improve.

One thing that I’ve done when applying to jobs is copy the job description into a word cloud generator and see how many times the skills are mentioned. Make sure you have those words in your resume (and cover letter), repeatedly. That might help.


In addition to all of @lisalisaj’s amazing points, just a couple more things I’d like to mention.

  • You should probably shorten your resume; 3 pages is too long.
  • Network and reach out to people you know at the companies you’re applying to.
  • Lisa’s point on the use of keywords in the job description is so significant I’m going to mention it again here.

Yes! Employee referrals sometimes help.


I know many companies here in the UK pay existing staff a bonus (a “finders fee” if you like) if they refer people for some positions and they pass the probationary period, and I doubt this is a phenomenon unique to us Brits, so in some cases it not only helps the applicant to know someone at the company but it also helps your contact! :smiley:


Hi thanks for the feedback, I will try to edit it and will share again the new one. If you guys have time can give feedback again.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback

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I was thinking on this and I think you should move your Skills section–which is currently at the very bottom of your resume—to the top of your resume.
And, some other potential ideas:

  • change “Work Experience” to “Experience” & move that to the top
  • then move Projects just below that and then the Education section. If you move Projects up towards the top it is an example of the Skills that you state that you know. You already have links to your GitHub, Leet Code profiles. Also, possibly consider removing the Kaggle link b/c there’s not much activity there (yet) w/your profile.

I’m not sure the “rule” for resume length is still relevant but I think if you can cut it down to 2 pages, that might be beneficial.

  • See if you can limit the bullet points to 2-3, rather than 4 under each accomplishment. Try to combine them.

What do you think?

I agree with this. Whenever they look at your resumé, they probably want to see what you are good at so they understand how well you did with previous jobs and in your education.

Hi I change the format putting my skill on top what do you think?


Looks way better! I hope everyone who looks at it feels the same way.

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What types of positions are you applying to? Engineering?
Are you also including a cover letter with brief summary bullet points about how you can help the company solve whatever problem they’re trying to solve (which is why they’re hiring for positions). The cover letter should not be a replica of the resume but a few key points. Also mention what position you’re applying to and where you found the listing, what excites you about the job/why are you interested in it.

Also, double check the capitalization of the 2nd and 4th bullet point under the first internship you have listed (Bridgetek).

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Hi :slight_smile:

You can make some adjustments such as:

  • reducing the length of the resume to 2 pages
  • changing the order of the sections depending on what you want to highlight
  • depending on the position you are applying too you might also consider to leave out some of the experiences or details in the resume that are not particularly relevant

One layout I tend to like is:
1st Short profile description
2nd Experience
3rd Education

You can also adjust the width of the content above so you have some room on the left side and then you can add your skills on the first page too

This is just my opinion but I hope it helps :slight_smile: