Critique my Personal Portfolio Project

Hello! Please check out my personal portfolio and give me any advice/criticism you have. I am early on in the full stack engineer career path on Codecademy and appreciate any kind of feedback you can offer.

This page is not yet complete and I will be updating it with more projects and skills as I complete them in my journey. I would also like to make it more responsive and interactive… any suggestions?

This took me about 6 hours to complete as I was rusty on some of the CSS.

Hey Robert,

First of all, you are an amazing photographer!!! Congratulations! Really loved your photos and I’m already following you in instagram (mine is @aliiinecosta )!

About your website, I think you may add some codecademy projects in your section too!! And maybe get the image of your projects bigger, giving more attention for it. Your NYC Random messages is very interesting and it deserves more space in your page!

Also, I just built a slide show for my portfolio, if you wanna check my code to create a slide show for your photos, be free to copy! (I copied from others lol)

Good luck in your path!!
If you have time, take I look in mine too: Here's my portfolio! Never thought I would be so happy making a slide show using JavaScript!

Hi Aline,

Thank you for the feedback! (and the follow on IG) I agree that I need some more projects on my site, that definitely will be updated in the near future. The more I progress in my learning the more I realize I may want to redo the entire site with better features and design. I think I may take you up on stealing your slideshow code. :slight_smile:

I will check out your portfolio and provide some feedback also!

Again thank you for your input… I really do appreciate criticism of all kinds!

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