Critical Bug

So basically for some reason I’m just being allowed to progress through everything even if I didn’t do what it asked after I click run. This didn’t used to happen. I’m using a school chromebook currently on the Python 2 course but I don’t think that should interfere at all. Is this a new feature or a bug?

Another one: For some reason I have to refresh the page sometimes because when I click run the code just simply isn’t running. It just gets stuck infinitely.

Final one: Sometimes a bunch of errors just print to output for no reason even if I haven’t done anything. Though I’ve noticed that this happens mostly when I click to other tabs in my browser then back to the Codecademy one.

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Same here! I’m allowed to progress through everything in the while module in python 2, even if the answer is incorrect. I’ve tried clearing the cache, rebooting and nothing seems to be working.