Credit card checker project - getting started

Hi there!

I am about to attempt this project, having just completed half of the Introduction to Javascript course. However, I have already hit a roadblock.

I want to complete it on my own computer, using GitBash, VS Code and Node, as instructed, rather than through the Codecademy editor and console. I have them all installed and raring to go, but I don’t know where to start. I’m familiar with GitBash and VS Code already, having used them in other Codecademy courses without a problem. Nevertheless, I am a Node newbie and in the instructions to this project, it says:

"You’ll need to open and work in main.js in a text editor. To edit main.js , use your text editor of choice. If you need a recommendation or help to install an editor, we recommend looking into our article about setting up a text editor for web development (Follow along until you get to the section: “Practice: Let’s Make a Project”). To run main.js on your computer, you will need to install Node.js. If you need help installing Node.js, read our article on installing Node."

So I’ve opened the main.js file in VS Code, ready to edit. But now I’ve installed Node, my questions are:

  1. What do I do with it and how do I supposedly run the main.js file?
  2. How do I log (like console.log()) my code to check my progress in this project?

I am a complete beginner to JS, so I would appreciate any help, instruction, advice. Please be as specific as possible.

Thank you in advance and I’m looking forward to having a crack at this project!

This page might be able to help you get your Node application running.

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I appreciate the response, but I think I’ve figured out a simple way to console.log() and check my code, at least for the purpose of the credit card checker project.

I can just do “console.log(‘whatever’);” in my VS Code editor, and then type “node filename.js” in the terminal and it will print what I have console.logged. I can just do keep doing this until I finish the project.

If there’s a reason I shouldn’t do this for this project, then do tell me.

Thanks again for your reply!

Sounds like you’re doing similar to what the learning environment would probably have been getting you to do. :slight_smile: