Credit card checker function

I need help with my credit card checker. I can’t get to spit out the valid1 array after doing modulo for x = i % 2;
here is some of my code.
Please help
const validateCred = (num) => {
for (i = 0; i < valid1.length; i++){
x = valid1;
x = i % 2;
if (x !== 0){
return x;

Hey @micro3769222521,

We are here to help :wink: .

But I do have a question first, how far are you with the Javascript courses? Looking at your code I can see you have some knowledge but other aspects make me ask the above question.

I am currently 49% finished. I do know there are some concepts that I need help on. My main concern is learning how to do word problems in codecademy. Thanks for the help.