Credit Card Checker Excersise

I’ve done the task about checking credit cards, but I don’t know if it’s well done…
I did the task myself, not as prompted in the hints. I wanted to have a challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is my code: Past ofCode

And here is my question. Is there an error in arr valid3? My program shows that this credit card number is invalid…

After using Luhn algorithm on Arr valid3 i got number 66, and 66%10=6.

After calculating this number on paper, using Luhn algorithm, i got same result. And i know i can add that the control digit to this credit card number, but in the task it was not mentioned. In the task’s content I just have to check, if it is valid or not.

Checking valid3 on this page Luhn Algo, after typing whole number from valid3, shows that this number i VALID, and i dont now why…

When in my code i made mistake?

Ok. I actually do it by mysefl :smiley:

Here is my code: Card_Number_Checker

I have a question. In my code (second one), did I use correctly high order function, and callback?