Credit Card Checker Challenge Project (JavaScript)


Greetings Coders!

This is my take to the Credit Card Checker Challenge. Please if there are improvements to the code that can be made, let me know!

Hello, @mathavhane, and welcome to the forums.

Nice job! One suggestion.

Consider the following:

//what does the following return?
const isEven = num => {
  return num % 2 === 0;
//could also be written more concisely:
const isEven2 = num => num % 2 === 0;

console.log(isEven2(15)); //false
console.log(isEven2(18)); //true
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Thank you, @midlindner! I will definitely rewrite that portion, so it’s more descriptive!

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Feels great to complete this project…

Here’s my version! Would love your feedback on it, please feel free to be critical

I’ve pulled everythign into an object with a method that prints the info when it’s run:

Really like the way you used reduce here!
The rest is nice and solid too