Credit Card Checker Challenge Project (JavaScript)

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Hi, I am trying to download your solution to compare mine, but the link in this just takes me back to the credit_card_checker_starter that only has the code at the beginning of the project. Can someone please just send me the solution or update your link?

Thanks so much for finding that! We’ve updated the link above, and here it is as well:

Hello, how can I see other students solutions?

And, where can I share my GitHub url?
Can you give me feedback on my solution?




I have changed the card checker as i wanted it to cycle through the arrays by using a function instead of a predefined array.
For the moment it’s using eval() but for obvious reasons I want another solution.

I am also having a bit of trouble not producing duplicates of the companies with mistakes.
here is the link:

Any help would be appreciated.
How can i make it better?


I have fixed the duplicate issue

Hey guys! I am really stumped with this challenge project but I am trying to understand at my own pace. I got the first line of code for the project but had to refer to the sample solution for help. Can someone please walk me through what line 31 in the sample solution is doing.

(array.length - 1 - i) % 2 === 1)

I understand generically that this line of code is helping us pick out the lines of code that are every other so we can then multiply them by two for the Luhn formula but for some reason I can’t see the way the math works in my head.

Sorry to request such a detailed description but I have now spent like two hours just staring at this problem.

Cheers! Cool seeing all the different ways people got to the same answer.

This was pretty tough, here’s my solution.

That is my solution for this task lads. Everything is working fine!! Cheers

Does anyone see what’s wrong with my function? It counts all the stuff but filters the arrays that differ from the ones in the solution. Thank you.

function validateCred(anArray) {
let counter = ;
let i = anArray.length - 1;
do {
if (i >= 0) {
anArray[i] *= 2;
anArray[i] > 9 ? counter.unshift(anArray[i] - 9) : counter.unshift(anArray[i]);
} while (i >= 0);
const reducer = (accumulator, currentValue) => accumulator + currentValue;
counter = counter.reduce(reducer);
return counter % 10 === 0;

Here’s my solution!

Just finished this. Here’s my solution.

Hi, legoghetto!
I don’t see any problem with your solution. It seems perfectly functional.

Yeah, thanks. As I said it’s functioning but does filter wrong arrays. If you compare the output of this code and the solution code, you’ll see what I mean.

Does anyone know how to do the extension part of this project? I am not able to understand the parseInt() function and how can I use it in this case.

I need to clean up my code a little but I got mine done. I think my validate function is a bit more simplistic than some others I have seen.

Hello everyone,

I finished this amazing project, this is my code, it works well.

Happy coding

Hi roubz1,

parseInt() is not complicated, I’m sure the following example can help you to understand better it:

let num = ‘36’;
console.log(typeof num); // Print “string”
num = parseInt(num);
console.log(typeof num); // Print “number”

Gosh this took me a few days to figure out.