Creature Clasher

Hi everyone!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been using Codecademy to learn some basic programming skills in Python. I now wanted to create a program with some of the things I have learned so far to get a better understanding of them. The Python Terminal Game Project was the perfect opportunity for this.

I was able to use OOP, multiple files, functions, loops, … OOP was a really challenging part of the career path. Being able to use some of it in this project really helped me to get a better understanding of it.

Now, there might still be some bugs here and there. But it was really cool to get a better understanding of how all these Python features work together.


Creature Clasher is a simple Python Terminal Game.

There are five creatues: Frostboy, Vampthing, Cryptbeast, Glowtree and Slagtooth. Each of these creatures has the ability to use three unique attacks. They wear an armour that protects them from health damage and they have a health and stamina level. They also have an inventory of potions they can use to increase their health and stamina level.

The first thing you to is to pick a creature for yourself. You can pick one from the list or let the program decide for you. Then you can pick an opponent. Your creature will fight against your opponents creature.


Step 1: Pick a Creature
The program offers you a list of five creatures or a random mode that will select a creature for you.

Step 2: Pick an opponent
You can pick a creature yourself or let the random mode select one for you.

Step 3: How to play

  • Each round, you have three options: You can attack, you can drink a potion or you can skip your turn.


  • Every attack hurts the attacked creature. First, their armour will be destroyed. Once their armour is gone, their health will take a hit
  • Every attack also lowers the attackers stamina


  • There are health potions and stamina potions. Health potions increase your health, stamina potions increase your stamina.

After your round, your opponent will either attack you or drink a potion.

Win or Loss:

  • You win, if your opponents health goes at or below 0 before yours, or if they no longer have any stamina or staminapotions to attack you again.
  • You loose, if your health goes at or below 0 before your opponent’s, or if you no longer have any stamina or staminapotions to attack.

Have a nice day!

Hi Marc how do you play the game like on the computer/ actually run it and play


Hi! You need to have Python installed on your computer to run it. Download and install Python, download the files and save them all in an empty folder, then run the file using a Python interpreter.

Hi, l have the IDEs and all, l am not so familiar with github, how do l download the files from github


No worries! Just click on “Code” and then “Download ZIP”. That will download a ZIP file with all the files.

Thanks, was this project part of the course and for how long have you been coding in python


I started in July / August using the Computer Science Career Path. I didn’t have any previous experience in coding, so I’m still at the beginning of this journey. Git and GitHub have a part in the Computer Science Careerpath, but especially the GitHub part isn’t very detailed. There are many great YouTube tutorials for it though, but I’m still learning too.

Do you have to extract the files?I extracted it worked

Nice Game!

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