Creating Variables?


In 13 of the python course, I thought I was making a variable right, but I'm obviously not. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
Sorry I might sound a bit stupid, but I am kind of new to this :slight_smile:


Hello, @iamki!
Could you please post your code so we could take a look?


Hello, @g4be !
Don't worry I have it now, I hadn't been on for a while and I forgot that you don't need to actually CREATE a variable I just need to say it... Silly me :slightly_smiling:
But what I did do was something like
Var monty
monty = true
It's what it said to do when I looked it up.... it was wrong :slightly_smiling:
Thanks anyway


Oh, I'm glad you got it right and no problem :slightly_smiling:


i'm sorry. i'm new here. can you tell me hows you fix your problem iamki?


Please create a new discussion and include your code, we will be happy to help you :slight_smile: