Creating Transactional Website


What would be the best way to create a transactional website using the languages on Codecademy, such as Javascript, SQL, and Python? I want customers to buy items from the website. I know that there are resources I can pay for, but I want to use this as a learning process.

Also, I want to create another website where users can post photos and videos, offer feedback to users, and post on a discussion board. Any tips? Thanks!


yep, this is possible. For javascript we have nodeJS as back-end, python has several web frameworks of which django is best known.

Decide what framework you want to use, follow tutorials about this and build stuff

SQL is structured query language, its the language used by many databases, but you will need to use an actual database as well (mySQL for example)

so, html + css + JS for front-end, database + backend framework and you can get started


If we do not trust your site, we will not purchase. Having a secure website is the first step. Forget the rest until then.

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