Creating Java projects

Hello all,
I just finished my Java ‘class’ and would love to start a project from scratch. The issue is I can’t figure out what application I need to download and everything seems a bit daunting.
I am trying out IntelliJ IDEA but as a newbie I hoped to start with something a bit easier.
Any idea what application or website I should check out?


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You are talking about text-editors, right?

Unfortunately, most really great, efficient, (even easy) text-editors require a paid-for license, so there aren’t many free text-editors that don’t require one. (I don’t know if price matters to you or not)


Darn it but thank you!!! :slight_smile: I am looking for ANY type of projects that require some JAVA knowledge.

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hmm… I’ll look around for something. :+1:

You could build a simple rock-paper-scissors game… or maybe a random password generator.

Here’s a list. Some are easy/hard, but after looking through them, you should be able to find the a project that suits you.

You can also google/search for Java project ideas and etc. You should get some results by doing that.


Hi, I don’t mean to necro but if you never found a great IDE for Java, I recommend Eclipse. Great IDE and super simple. Tons of shortcuts for newbies as well.

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I’d recommed IntelliJ IDEA. There is a free community version which is good enough for Java starters. :slight_smile:

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It is literally the EASIEST IDE to use as a total newbie.
You dont have to mess with Compiler paths / options like a lot of IDEs.
It is also good if you want to check out the Ada programming language plus a few others.
Later you can use more complex IDEs.
(Like GPS for GNAT Ada, lol)
I know this is an old thread but maybe someone will still read this.

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