Creating Image with white background middle and text

Can someone help me, I am having trouble creating something similar to this with html and css. Your help is greatly appreciated thank you :). images|690x266

That would appear to be a multilayered approach, with a background image covering the entire width and height, then three divs with thick white borders, then internal divs in each with similarly proportioned margins.

Going to try a flexbox and cross my fingers that it works.

That layout was made through wordpress, each background image is individual and I just added the text. Unfortunately no longer have access to it, to check the source code.

I am learning to code, but never really learned how to do that.
Thank you for your reply though @mtf !

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I just realized what you meant by the divs. So sorry failry new to coding. how could I center the middle div onto the first one?

Start by studying CSS and HTML enough to solve it the same way the rest of us do. Don’t ask others to fix your layout. It is demeaning, not of them, but of yourself. Figure it out.

You got it. Thanks for the reply.

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