Creating files in the VScode editor

im a total noob here and at this. ive downloaded the VScode editor… when i create files and folders in this editor, should they then save automatically to my computer?

Folders certainly, for files it has certain autosave features and such (see the menu after clicking file at the top) but like many similar editors it’s always best to save the file explicitly using (file -> save or typically using Ctrl+S).

If you’re a little unsure there’s guidance on the website (or click help in the bar) and there’s nothing better than try it out with a few unimportant text files and such and double checking what comes out.

Edit: Added the link to the relevant spot but it’s probably worth nosing through most of that page so you know a little bit more about how to use it-

So, saving them wasn’t really the issue. What was happening is, i was creating folders in the VScode application but they were not actually being created in/on my computer. What i learned was, when in VScode, i needed to “open new”. that would alluw me to use a folder from my computers directory. So when i closed the editor I could then go to my desk top and see the files i had coded in.