Creating CSS

Do you create a CSS during HTML coding or after? Which would be more beneficial?

The structure always comes first. Work with the raw HTML then add style and presentation. It’s not important how the page looks when we are defining structure. Write the HTML, validate it and make sure everything is in place. Then work at getting the appearance to what you want.


Thanks! That’s what I was thinking but needed to be sure.

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Hi everyone!
I don’t know where to ask but I give a try here…
so I have completed HTML and started the CSS course.

My issue is the following.
How do I know what Im styling in CSS? I know it is a stupid question; but looking at these codes just does not make sense for me which part Im styling in HTML (there, it made sense for me)
From HTML, I understand the meaning of “p”, “h1”, “title” but i still miss the context of the whole code so Im very confused.
Thank for your help

p {
font-family: Arial;

h1 {
color: maroon;
.title {
color: teal;

In the above, p refers to all elements in the document with a P tag. h1 refers to all those with an H1 tag. .title refers only to those elements sporting a title class attribute.

Thank you!

What happen if a blog, text has similar codes and not only one from the following like h1, title ect. then how do you which one you just edited?
Thank you.
Sorry a bit complicated for me (yet)