Creating Apps With Python, JavaScript, Etc

I know that you are able to make code bits, but it would be really awesome if codecademy allowed it so that you could make your own programs with python, Java Script, and other languages. As well as being able to do that, I would love it if codecademy made it so that you could create these things similar to apples Xcode, which I unfortunately can’t give a link to, because it is an application. (I’m pretty sure that this is where you ask for requests.)

Codecademy is just a site to teach you the basics of coding. After that, you will need to install programs (xcode for example)and python on your computer to build your programs. You can do this, codecademy is a website, not really suitable to build programs for your personal pc

As for javascript, you just need html + js + css to make a webpage. Or you can install nodejs, then you can build a website back-end. Not that familiar with nodejs, it can run javascript files so far i know, the rest is for you to explore

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: just on my wishlist.