Creating and Deploying a dynamic website

Hey codecademy community, so I want to know what it takes to create a fully functional website like

I know I have to do something with a stack like LAMP, but I have many questions.
Can I do a Linux, Apache, SQL, JAVA/Javascript STACK? This way I won’t need to learn PHP
Also Would I need to have a dedicated computer functioning as a server?
Also Why would I need to use wordpress?
Would I still need to buy a domain?
Would I need to use git to save my code?
I want to have a dynamic website not some script kiddie HTML blog (aka static).

So could someone kindly answer these questions,

Thank you everyone.

lamp = Linux Apache Mysql Php

it seems you need a different stack, i would start with:

linux and nodeJS, and there seem to be several options for database:

nosql, mongodb and postgresql

sql = structured query language, all databases use SQL. altough, with nodeJS you can do the querys with nodeJS itself

i would start there, there is probably a development server present in nodeJS, first configure nodeJS, then see what you would use for deployement

possible, but if you website grows in scale, you will probably need to host it somewhere else, given home computers + network aren’t powerful enough to handle all those requests

you don’t, you can code the html and css yourself

yes, you should. Not during development, but for deployement

git is version control, very useful but not absolutely necassery to save code

for this we can use JS, or libraries/frameworks (jquery, reactJS, ember.js, angularJS)


Thank you @stetim94 for the very helpful response.

One final question, would it be possible to use Java as the programming language for a website? I know that Java is manly used for apps and I haven’t heard of it being used for websites. But I love the compiler which helps catch errors and I like that it is more strictly written then JavaScript. Any suggestions as to what I can do?

nodeJS (js library/framework) is also more informative then the standard JS error message

Yea, Java is also possible


Thank you for the very helpful response.طراحی تالار

Thank you