Creating a website

I have learn basic html/css, php, javascript and more, but i dont know were to go next. i whant to create a basic website like the one in make an interaktiv website, and that is not a problem, but when i edit it i dont whant to go into my html file to edit a litle text on my page, i want a admin panel where to learn someting about creating a admin panel? I feel this part is missing on codecademy or is it me not looking god enough?

sorry i dont know witch categori to put this in.

If you want to create an interactive website and an admin panel to manage the website content, you should look for a framework. There are lots of those available mostly free in basic use, sometimes completely free. Depending on the OS you want to run the site on, look for Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla or Typo3. If you want to do webhosting other admin panels apply, most of them are paid services. Please tell more of your intend to get a more specific answer.

i think adminpanel in wordpres, drupal and others like that i to complex and messy so i want my own or something werry easy and small, so people that who do not have a can understand and use it.
So my question now is where to go? (your recommendation)
(and i allways use Linux) I have somepeople ho ask me to create a werry basic site and wordpress/wpadmin is to advanced for them :frowning:

Well, the framework is still my main recommendation, but what you need for your clients is some plugins. So they can email there text and images and it’s automatically placed (as an example). I would say WordPress is the best framework for this. Before you begin work on Wordpress, you must ensure that Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack is installed on your server. Or build your own in PHP and JS or Angular / Dart. What is best suited for you.But that’s a lot more work. (Could be fun aswell’s up to you)

thanx for the answer :smile:

No problem, give me a reply when things are done or not going as expected :smile: -)