Creating a Website pricing

Hey quick question I can’t really seem to find the answers anywhere else, building a Website for my current boss, where I cook at. I’m putting a lot of effort into because his last Website was absolute trash absolutely no significant keywords of any kind and layout is ugly and not user friendly. I originally was just gonna whip something simple up and add it to my portfolio for free, but this turned into a large project, how much should I realistically charge…

For cooking, or for building a website? Just by asking this question on a public forum you have chosen the cook’s wage. He’ll pay nothing for the latter.

First rule, never charge for something we are learning as we apply it. And be transparent about that fact. Better we get credit for applying ourselves to something new, than failing at something we said we could do.

Well I’m not charging that’s the thing he’s offering to pay me, I told him I’d do it to build my portfolio, but I kinda also wanna know for future reference

If he is willing to hire you as a cook, and then ask you to build a site, then settle on the same wage for your time, but charge for 1 hour in 3 spent. The other two will be an investment in yourself.

Edit: Something to keep in mind, this is called work for hire as intellectual property rights are concerned so the work belongs to the employer, not you.

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