Creating a Website on GitHub Pages

Hey guys!

I’m struggling with the 404 error. I’ve done the troubleshooting steps listed in the ‘Creating a Website on GitHub Pages’ lesson, but they are not working. I’ve erased and created the repository again, but I still have the same issue.

Do you know what I’m doing wrong?

Link to lesson?

Is the repo set to Public?

Hey lisalisaj, thanks for replying. Yes, it’s set to public.

It looks like you haven’t set up Github pages for this repo yet.

Go to Settings, find Pages on the left nav bar. Then select Deploy from a branch and make sure the main branch is chosen.

Hit save, and it will deploy your site for you. On the main repo page you should see on the right side a new Environments section (under Releases and Packages). Click Github pages, and then View Deployment.

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Hey, thanks a lot. It worked. It seems like the problem was that I’m trying to deploy the website using the root folder. Now I have a question, where can I see the directory I’m currently in?

It should be the root folder - that is where your index.html file is.

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