Creating a Website on Github Pages

Hi everyone,

I am unable to visualize my Website after creating a repository on Github and following Codeacademy’s 2 steps Troubleshouting guide. - 404 error.

Can anyone help?

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Do you have a repository set up to hold all these files (index.html, images, etc)? Did you initialize it with a README and make it public?

See steps here.


I fixed mine by pulling the HTML to the root folder. Fixed by easy Googling it.

I have encountered this problem before. If I am not mistaken, the solution is on StackOverflow once you have Googled it.

Hey @nuriamolina787100541. Welcome to the forums!

The REPOSITORY you have named is, right? This repository contains your files for the website. But, if you read the documentation mentioned by @lisalisaj, you would notice that you actually have to name the repository to be <github-username> which means in your case, the REPOSITORY should have been named Just change your repository name by going to the settings which you can see in the photo below and your website should work fine. Kindly read through all the steps of the documentation to make sure that you’re not missing out any steps.

That should fix your problem. :smiley:

Hi again and thank you all for your replies! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I encountered the same error…this are the steps I followed:

-I did create my repository named
-I did add and HTML code (pasted from the Codecademy example as required).
-In my repo settings I did scrolled down to GithubPages and inked the my repo to the web (Source-Main)
-I did select also a Theme

I Googled: -error 404 :frowning:

I think that there are some files missing, specifically a template. I ask this b/c it says, ‘set theme-jekyll theme architect’ next to your repo name.

When you selected a template (I’m assuming that you are selecting a pre-made one), did you download a zip file and save the files locally on your computer?

Then, you have to do the following:

  • After you create the repository, you are taken to the next page. On this page you’ll see several options for setting up your new repo. Click the “Uploading an existing file” link.

  • Then, drag all of the files from the template folder to the area where it says, “Drag files here to add them to your repository.” Don’t drag the whole folder. You have to select and drag each individual file and folders—the assets and images folders as well as the index.html , LICENSE.txt , and README.txt files—from within the template folder.

  • Once you have done that, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Commit changes” button. The screen will then show that GitHub is processing your files, which might take a few minutes to complete.

  • You can then edit the index.html file so it’s specific to your needs and then make a note of your changes and commit the file to your master branch. I find that every time I edit my index file it’s good practice to write comments so I have a history of what changes I’ve made.

When you’re done, your repo should look like this:

Hi Lisa,

I opened a new repository with a project I did on VSC,

I dragged the the Index HTML file, the Index CSS file and the Image.jpg file.

I clicked on Commit changes.

But when I click on the URL the Github the only thing that appears is the chosen color theme… :frowning:

You need more than those three files though in order for your website to appear. You have no template files. You need both an assets and images folder and all the files contained within those two folders (uploaded one by one as I mentioned above).
Did you follow the specific steps that I listed above? I see that you have selected the Jekyll theme and they give you instructions in their readme file and they also direct one to the GitHub Pages documentation which lists steps on how to create a site. Try those steps and let’s see if it works.

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