Creating a Website on GitHub Pages . 404 Error

Hey everyone,

I´ve just started the “Full Stack Pathway” and keep getting stuck at GitHub and hope to find an answer here. I keep running into trouble when creating my repo and trying to view the page, I keep receiving an 404 error.
The main branch is selected, the repo is set as public. Its almost 30 mins passed since creating the repo. In the action tab it says “waiting for a runner to pick up this job” could this have something to do with the error? I´ve followed exactly the steps given by codecademy.

Link to my GitHub page

Grateful for all suggestions.

Reference to Creating a Website on GitHub Pages

I´ve just found a solution to it, in case somebody is running into the same trouble.

  1. In the repo I clicked on “action”
  2. Clicked on the specific workflow
  3. Cancelled workflow and re-run it now its working :slight_smile: