Creating a react app

Hi everybody

I am going through the creating a react app artical in the React Development Setup and Ravenous: Part 1.
inside the artical assignment number three: Starting the React app development server.
i am trying to open the src/App.js and i get an error message window telling me :

also after that when i am trying to go to react developers tools the app wont show any element inside.
thanks for your help

Sure but what do you mean by open?

As a developer you can pretty much forget about clicking buttons to do things for you. So instead of open you need to be considering which program you want to be reading that file which would most likely be either a text editor or nodejs

And if you can’t click buttons then I’m not sure windows is all that useful, consider using wsl instead (windows store -> ubuntu)

If you use wsl then you can access its files from windows by entering \\wsl$ as the address in the file explorer gui which is how you’d get access to your files for your text editor


Inside wsl the first thing you’d want to do is install nodejs and npm

$ sudo apt update    # update package index
$ sudo apt upgrade   # install updates so everything is up to date
$ sudo apt install nodejs npm  # install nodejs and npm

after which a command node and/or nodejs will be available

you can run the server in there too.
congrats, your windows is now just a host for linux.

$ cd path/to/project
$ npm install  # fetch dependencies
$ npm start    # or whatever the command is for running your server