Creating a new i/OS app after learning on CodeAcademy

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I learned coding at codecademy. I met a person named Adam online who learned to code on Codecademy. We decided we would make an iOS app. The coming months, we would be published our app. It is a great achievement to make an app when both of the coders are 13 (referring to me and Adam). For that, I would like to first thanks Zack Sims . I would be publishing my app name when it will be published. :computer: :desktop_computer: :iphone: :computer_mouse: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:

That’s a good head start. Can you tell me what your app will do?:grin:

@pixelgx This app will be available on :apple: Apple watch :watch: . It will help people to schedule themselves. For more, check it out

Is it done? If it is done please send me a link to it. I feel like its going to work :grinning: