Creating a head section


whatever I write between the opening and closing head tags, it doesn't show in the editor. Does the header remain invisible?
The body is shown in the editor perfectly

If anyone knows Please help or reply.


that is exactly the purpose of the <head></head>? the head is for you (link to stylesheet, to script files (js), meta data, viewport data, etc. with other words: everything the user shouldn't see. the title is suppose to show up in the browser tab (it is not on CC because of iframe use), you can try it on jsbin or a local html which is even better

body is for what the user should see, so your webpage


I mean whatever i write between the head tags,it shows up but whatever i write btwn the title tags, it doesn't. So does that mean title tag is sort of a comment section by the programmer?


from mdn:
The HTML <head> element provides
general information (metadata) about the document, including its title
and links to/definitions of scripts and style sheets.
and for body:
The HTML <body> Element represents the content of an HTML document

title is no part of the content of the html document, it is in the browser tab. So head contains (meta)data over the html document, and body represent the content of the html document


In case you didn't already find out the answer to this question, although I have no doubt that you did, the <title>...</title> tag defines the title of the page which is not shown on the page, but in fact usually at the top of the tab or window.


yep i understood that soon after.. :stuck_out_tongue: