Create your own greeter and proc


Here are the instructions.
1. Create a method, greeter, that takes no arguments and yields to a block.
2. Create a Proc, phrase, that puts "Hello there!". Pass this to greeter instead of a block. (Don't forget to pass &phrase instead of just phrase!)

This is my code.

def greeter

phrase = do
"Hello there!"


This is what prints out in the console.

"Hello there!"

This is the error that I have.

"Oops, try again. It looks like you didn't print anything to the console. Did you call your greeter method and pass it the phrase proc?"

I'm confused of where the error is. Please show me how to fix this.


Must be very sleepy to catch this. The error is that I did not have puts in front of "Hello there!" to display it.


Does anyone know why I keep getting an error for this:
def greeter(name)
greeter("Jack") {|x| puts "Welcome to greeter #{x}"} {|x| puts "Hello there!"}

the error says
wrong number of arguments (0 for 1)
but I can still progress to the next lesson.


I'm just learning jackmiller, but the first part of the instruction asks us to

"Create a method, greeter, that takes no arguments".

Your method has a parameter attached, suggesting that there will be an argument when the method is called.


You have a parameter called (name)... There is not meant to be a parameter because there is not meant to be an argument. I feel the code should look like this instead.

def greeter


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