Create Your First Local HTML/CSS Project

C:\Users\glend\OneDrive\Documents\Projects\DevProject\Index.html\Glenda’s first Codecademy Project.html

I’m sorry - I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong here. Can anyone please help me?

Can you elaborate on what you are having trouble with?

Sure! I created a folder through my file explorer called 'DevProject" and within that folder I also created an 'Index.html, and within that folder I created a ‘sources’ folder that holds my ‘css’ folders and an ‘index.css’ folder. I believe I started to have problems when I had to link these folders to the Visual Studio Code to complete the project. I became really confused when attempting to open both the HTML file and css in Visual Studio Code. I believe VSS has been updated since the Codecademy instruction video about my first HTML and CSS project and I’m missing something.