Create your first html/css


hello, new to html/css first post here. i made a file structure added a html file linked to my css, when i view html file its not loading the css,

i made a directory in c;users;kevin;devproject
in devproject i have index.html / resources dir.
in resources dir. , i have css dir.
in css dir. i have index.css.

my link to css is in side head tag

im right clicking the html file view in internet explorer, and getting no css, my directions for lesson say it should load, am i giving wrong path to the css, ive tried (resources/css/index.css)(/resources/css/index.css)and (./resource/css/index.css)also ive deleted history/cookies inbeetwen each change?


difficult to say, its much easier to troubleshoot the problem when we can fiddle around with the files

are you okay with uploading the files (preferable the devproject folder) to dropbox/onedrive/github?

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#3 i have it up on github not sure you can access it? just from this link or i need to send it through github? sorry very new with all this. thank you for your help!

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yep, perfect.

wow, and then the problem is so simple. the value of type is incorrect (it should be text/css), then everything works


I found this to be very difficult and it was hard to complete without skipping steps. I had to go back several times to redo them.