Create your first HTML/CSS Project - Front End Engineer Path

Hello guys!
I have trouble finding myself on this forum. Is this a correct section to post a topic like that, are there any guides on how to move around this forum?
I tried to find any topic related to this task from codecademy course. I am wondering if the page I created for this exercise is enough. PROJECT PAGE. I feel like I don’t have enough knowledge about the spacing, margins, and placing different elements on the webpage. There’s more CSS exercises after this project and I’m not sure if I should move on or do more stuff with this page.

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Welcome to the forums!
That’s a great job for the project, really well done! :clap:

The small peice of feeedback I would give is that this section here is right up against the edge, and it might be nice to move it slightly away (which could be achieved with adding more margin/padding) or even making it central on the page (with text-align):

For a first major project like that you don’t need to have a compete understanding on those concepts yet, and it’s perfectly normal as a beginner to struggle with them, don’t worry!

Learning to code is similar to learning a “real” language or a musical instrument in the sense that it’s really down to practise, the more you do the better you’re understanding will be and by exension the better you’ll be! Over time and the more you practise those concepts will start to come naturally and you won’t have to worry about them as much :smile: !


Thanks for the feedback. I figured I won’t click on Solution, since maybe more people will have questions.

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