Create-react-app is End Of Life. Replacement for new developers?

Hello fellow learners,

I’d like to start on the Jammming app but I have some concerns with create-react-app
It has been determined that create-react-app is not recommended for new developers anymore: see this PR and the top comment from one of the maintainers. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to bootstrap a React app to accomplish the Jammming app?


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Try Vite:

npm create vite@latest

(You will be prompted which setup you want. You can choose Javascript rather than Typescript. But it’s worth trying Typescript with React.)

But for the Jammming App, npx create-react-app yourappname will still work fine.


I ran into this when I was finishing Jammming also. It seems the build for create-react-app is becoming unsupported. I was able to use npm run build to complete the react app, but had to bypass the warnings with Netlify for it to complete. I’ve been using Vite since and it works great and seems like a faster option.

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