Create-react-app conflict error for all Codecademy projects

I receive the compile error below for every Codecademy project that utilizes create-react-app. My code renders on the browser, but the error message replaces it every 30 seconds or so.

I uninstalled and reinstalled create-react-app globally, but the problem continues. I have searched everywhere for a solution to no avail. How do I fix this error?

Compiled with problems:
[eslint] Plugin “react” was conflicted between “package.json » eslint-config-react-app » C:\Users\johnw\Documents\Code Development\projects\react_projects\appointment-planner-starting-v18\node_modules\eslint-config-react-app\base.js” and “BaseConfig » C:\Users\johnw\Documents\Code Development\Projects\react_projects\appointment-planner-starting-v18\node_modules\eslint-config-react-app\base.js”.

I googled

[eslint] Plugin “react” was conflicted between “package.json » eslint-config-react-app »

The first or second stack overflow answer is reactjs - Error when deploying react app and it keeps sayings << Plugin "react" was conflicted between "package.json » eslint-config-react-app » >> - Stack Overflow

which refers to the case being mismatched in the paths.

you can play of spot the case sensitivity difference between

C:\Users\johnw\Documents\Code Development\projects\react_projects\appointment-planner-starting-v18\node_modules\eslint-config-react-app\base.js


C:\Users\johnw\Documents\Code Development\Projects\react_projects\appointment-planner-starting-v18\node_modules\eslint-config-react-app\base.js

and you should look in that thread for where in the settings you may have to change how this got mismatched.


Thanks Toasted for the response. I tried a variety of solutions without success.

I ultimately decided to uninstall and reinstall node globally and the CRA code is now compiling successfully.


I stand corrected. Reinstalling Node didn’t work. The same error message reappeared a few minutes after it stated that the compile was a success. I’ll check the Stack overflow message you shared.


Hey Toasted,

Your recommendation did the trick. Thank you.