Create object1,2,3


I attempted to create object1, object2, and object3 using the constructor notation. The console printed out "bud" when I clicked save. I don't know why it did that. My code is posted below. Is there a problem with it? Thanks.

var object1 = new Object();
object1.color = "purple";
object1.size = "dime-sized";
object1.age = "just bloomed";

var object2 = new Object();
object2.color = "yellow";
object2.size = "quarter-sized";
object2.age = "wilted";

var object3 = new Object ();
object3.color = "pink";
object3.size = "half-dime";
object3.age = "bud";


@mccbjnn Codecademy does this sometimes. I am not sure why, but you didn't do anything wrong to make it do that. Are you receiving an error?


Actually the console prints out "bud". I took this as an error msg. Why would it do that?