Create link in javascript framework

i want some help i want to add link on some text inside javascript doc here is my code
var samji = new OrgChartNode(diagram, ladha);
samji.setBounds(new Rect(95, 135, 10, 15));
i want to create link on
on “;FDÒ\nDFGAF>”
inside :

Still no response. Might it be that readers need more information than what is shown above. In a reply, can you elaborate on your objective, and perhaps supply us with a little more code. What have you attemted thus far, and what is not happening that you would normally expect? That sort of thing. It may help everyone along and get a response for this question.

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That tells us that there is a class or constructor function, OrgChartNode that takes a diagram reference, and a ladha (whatever that is) reference. Without having that class in front of us there is no way to tell what all it has for methods. You can see that we’re driving blind, here, right?

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