Create a static website with Jekyll problems


Hi! Im having problems with creating a static website with Jekyll right now.
It told me to do cd personal-website. So i did that and it said bash: cd: personal-website: No such file or directory. But on the instructions it said that i got it. (Checkmark)
So i continued on to the next instructions. "Next, use the serve command to start a local server.
Then, navigate to localhost:4000 in the browser to view your site." So i did jekyll serve And then it said Configuration file: None
Source: /home ccuser/workspace/daw/_site
Destination: /home/ccuser/workspace/daw/_site
Incremental build: Disabled. Enable with --incremental
Done in 0.005 seconds.
jekyll 3.1.3 | Error: Too many open files - Failed to initalize inotify: The user limit on the total number of inotify instances has been reached.

And then when i go to localhost it says not found.
Can you help me?
Here is the exercise im stuck on .



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