Create a Professional Website with Wix - Recipe Sieve

I can’t find any templates with the recipeList array already included. Does anyone know what template we’re supposed to use for the Recipe Sieve lesson?

Hi @abbielassiter!

I think you might be referring to step 4 in the Recipe Sieve project which asks you to create a new object using the other objects as templates (i.e. examples).

In which case you should use the other objects listed as a guide to create your own recipe object. This object should go into the recipeList array and have the properties: name, ingredients, rating, image, and instructions just like the other objects already in the array.

If you’re ever stuck on these Wix projects you can also check on the “Get Help” button on the bottom right hand corner of the project:

There will be project walkthrough videos available to you.

There are also solution templates provided near the end for you to check your work.

Hope that helps!

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Sorry, communication isn’t my strong point. I was trying to ask for the name of the template we’re supposed to find in Steps 1-3. I haven’t made it to Step 4 yet. I can’t find a template anywhere in Wix with a recipeList array in the JavaScript section. I tried watching the walkthrough, but she skipped over picking the template so I’m still stuck. Thanks for the tip, though!

Ah, yes.

So Wix offers templates for general uses - like making a blog site, a shop, or events page etc. And you can find them here:

But for our course, they made special templates for us that is only accessible in our projects when you click on the button “Start a new project”:

Make sure you’re logged into Wix though, otherwise you’ll be prompted to log in:

Oh, I see. Thank you!

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