Create a Professional Website with Velo by Wix - Variables: Storing Info

I created a wix account and log into it, but everytime I try to do an exercise I get an error message ( refused to connect.) as soon as I click “Start a new project” or “Edit an existing project.” I’ve tried disabling ad blockers and clearing cookies. I’ve also tried in Incognito Mode but still get the same error message.

Hi @kellidev :slight_smile:

The most immediate workaround would be to open that link ( at the top of the browser in a new tab or window and do some window resizing to have your project and our project steps side by side.

Something like (notice the two separate browsers):

However, to get more to the root of your issue, I’m not really sure. I am able to go to the project (or be redirected to log in when I’m not) for this and other Wix projects. (I’m using Chrome Version 104.0.5112.101 on a mac fwiw.

I’d wonder if it’s some other extension that you’re running? I’d be curious to know if you open up your browser’s console (right click the page, select “Inspect”, and then select the “console” tab) if you see any errors?

Maybe something else to try is try clearing cache (not just cookies). You could also try changing browsers and seeing if that works?

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Mystery solved! After using Inspect, I realized I had my Chrome browser set to “Block Third Party Cookies” by default. After enabling Third Party Cookies for Codecademy, the problem went away. Thanks for the quick reply and workaround!

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