Create a lesson based on my library

Hi all,

I’m the project leader of a Java library for Constraint Programming (CP) called Choco.
While I was experiencing CodeAcademy to evaluate my skills on Javascript, I was wondering if it is possible (and how easy it could be) to design my own tutorial (for Choco) on CodeAcademy.
I understand that, even if I think that Choco is a great tool, it remains confidential in comparison with languages or tools presented here. But it could be great if our new users can learn by themselves the basic requirements for CP and Choco with CodeAcademy.

Thank you, in advance, for answers/suggestions.

I am afraid this feature is removed, there used to be a feature which allowed everyone to make there own courses. The last i read, there are no concrete plans to bring this feature back.

So, to your answer your question: It is impossible to create a course for you on CC

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Thank you for your fast answer. I believe I’ll have to create it by myself !