Create a button that sends predetermined data to a Google Sheet

Hey Everyone,

I am trying to code a simple Web App that will help my school with basic teacher observations. Normally, a google form works well, but we are trying to create a really user friendly system while watching teacher lessons.

Basically, I want the buttons and sliders in the link below to send predefined data to a google sheet. So for instance, if the button says “student choice,” I want that button to send the words student choice to a spreadsheet. As you can see in the form, I know how to create an html, but I want the buttons to just automatically send the data.

Well, I can’t walk you through everything, but you’d need the form that the buttons should be in to submit a POST request to the right Google Sheet API.

Here’s a link to the docs for the Google Sheet API to get you on track:

Also, maybe it was just my internet at that time (though I doubt it), but the page took a really long time to load.

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