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No puedo esperar a llegar al tema de tablas para comenzar la diagramación de las paginas web, me gustaría entender como las imágenes y los colores los mezclan en diferentes celdas, gracias a todos por su respuesta y animo

Do you need help understanding html tables or emails? @diorostegui

mmm si, but is it possible in spanish?

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Hey @diorostegui so I was able to translate the link above with the google translate chrome extension…

and it will translate the entire page like this

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Here is the link to the extension :smile:

No longer on CC as those tracks will be lost due to the retirement of the Composer environment. The best option is to find a site that teaches in the native language you prefer, otherwise, start learning English if you wish to continue on Codecademy. International language translations are a long ways off as I understand. There are too many screws to tighten before inviting in the translators. We’re told that this will eventually happen, but expect it in 2019, not 2018.

As for translation, I use Google Translate directly, without an extension, just a bookmark. It’s important to be objective when using translate, though. Inaccuracies do occur.


ok, ya me las apaño, no es que me desagrade el ingles, es que amo demasiado mi idioma español :smiley:

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