Cp m* not working? but still giving me checkmarks?

Hey guys

So ive just now started with Command line and got to the part were you are supposed to just view the text file with an m in the begining and an “.txt” in the end. But heres the problem, I still see the other files when i type “ls” in the command line for example i saw batman.txt and codeacademy still says i completed the course…

cp means copy,

so the other things will still be in the directory and visible because you’re not doing anything to them.

cp m* will take anything that starts with m and copy it and it ignores the others.

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Oh i see so to see what i copied i have to cd to the directory where i’ve copied the cp m*?

You can use ls from anywhere

$ ls some_other_dir

Oh i did no know that so for example “ls drama/” I skipped the dollar sign because of european keyboard :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m Swedish, still have it… Well, I don’t use a Swedish layout, but it does too.

It’s not part of the command, just to show that it’s to be typed in the shell - $ is bash saying it’s ready to receive next command, it’s prompting you

Aja vafan jag är osså svensk. Å ja jag vet att det inte är en “del” av kommandot.