COVID-19 Vanilla JavaScript Dashboard

Hey :wave: Recently completed this COVID-19 hobby project. My goal was to improve my Vanilla JS skills which I definitely did. Would love some feedback. Thank you :ok_hand:

If you get a chance, check it out here:

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Hi @tera7021356226: nice idea for a project. I like the implementation of the dark mode. I noticed that if I do not enter anything in a search bar and just click the search icon, there is a popup which states “error”, which is pretty cool but I think this could be improved by perhaps displaying a message directly below the searchbar with a friendly message like: “Please input a valid country”. You could experiment to do this with Javascript or Ajax. In addition, maybe you could display the country and worldwide statistics in two different tabs so that one does not get a shock that thinking that the page doesn’t refresh automatically need to scroll down to view the country statistics.

Hope my constructive feedback aids you in bringing this project to greater heights!


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Hey! Great feedback :+1:

some good points there, will definitely look into them more :clap:

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