COVID-19: Helpful or Hurtful to coding?

Hi everyone!

I was really curious to see if coronavirus and the social distancing situation has helped you find more time to code, hinders your coding time, or doesn’t really affect it. And, why did you pick what you did?

  • It helps!
  • It’s not helping.
  • Not much difference.

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My life really hasn’t been effected much yet, though it may soon if the government keeps up on the path their taking.

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Alright, I’ll talk to myself. :slightly_smiling_face: I posted this topic because I personally am being hindered from coding more with coronavirus in the way. Since I have to do a lot of stuff online now, I feel like I need to take more time off the screen instead of sitting at the computer all day. (my eyes, my eyes!)

Anyway, I still find the precious time to code (That’s PTTC!) every day. And once life is “normal” again, I can increase my efforts. :smiley:


I hope things work out though I feel it may be awhile before the government lets us go back to normal, they seem to enjoy positions were they can show their power without anyone complaining. I think most coders are getting more time to work on code though since they are working from home.

A subjective view, and rather cynical, at that. I’m sure there is lot of complaining over which they too are powerless to act. If anything, we should pity, or at least empathize with the extreme difficulty they face in trying to perform their duties.

Yes you are right, they are multiple points of view for everything. Sorry I did not mean to be judgmental.

I also am grateful for their work in stopping the virus and keep peace in hard times.

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