I have completed the HTML & CSS, Javascript, and the jQuery courses but I don't know which course(Python, PHP, or Ruby) to take next. So I just want to know which course is the best of those three.


I've done Python and PHP and am almost done completing Ruby, I went from PHP -> Python -> Ruby myself. I like Python out of all three, personally.


@toddl me, @alexcraig and @chipjumper36731 were working are working on a project if you would like to help post here


@steven.copeland I will take a look at this today at some point. Thanks.


@steven.copeland you seem to have done mostly Web based languages, doing PHP would complete the web side of things.

Or Python is fun if you want to move into game making rather than just sticking totally on the web. But taking Python will be a good first step to understanding Django which is what a lot of websites use as a framework these days. So i would say Python would be the most interesting :slight_smile:


Yeah I think Python seems like a pretty good idea.