Courses or even tutorials about setting up a programming environment

Hi there,
one thing I struggle the most is about how to set up the right programming environment on my Windows 10 PC : what should I install and rely on to produce / test locally then upload ? I guess possible answer are Sublime, Git, Github, phpEasy, but it’s really hard for a beginner to understand how to install them, how to use them, and how they work together.

There would be a lot of value in such courses (i.e : a Sublime course ? a “set up your environnment” course ?), i’m definitely sure i’m not the one needing such information on code academy.

It also depends on which languages you want to use. What are the language you want to program in?

I actually think it is good (yes, i know it is tough, i have been there) to struggle with this, it will teach you a lot.

You should decide which languages you want to use? then which programs fit this? then how to install them? and then figure out how to use them? Actually discovering which development environment fits you, is achieved by struggle, not by a course.

But if you answer some of the question i asked above, i can help you a bit :slight_smile: