Courses marked as free are not actually free

You list some Python advanced courses as free. But when you try to start the course, the system won’t proceed without payment. If you search for all Python courses that are free, one of the matches will be “Functional Programming in Python”. See the attached screenshot to see what happens if you try to start this course. If you click on the “Try if for Free” button, it takes you to the payment page…

Other courses marked free do not require a 7-day trial. Marking these courses as free doesn’t mean anything if all courses are free during a trial.

Sorry. I misunderstood.

Are you referring to the course "Learn Advanced Python 3: Functional Programming" ?
If so, how are you trying to access it?

I am not a subscriber either. I went to the catalog and selected the above course. The syllabus shows that the Project and Quiz are locked, but the Article and Lessons are accessible. Here is what I see when I try to access the article:

I can read the whole article for free. Perhaps the issue was rectified as a result of your post.

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Yes, it’s working for me now the same as your screenshot. Thanks for bringing my attention to it.

Hi there,

Kaitlin here for the Customer Support team and I wanted to provide some clarify what is free vs what requires a subscription on our site!

At this time, we have three levels of Codecademy catalog access.

  1. Basic – includes lessons only in select courses. This type of account is free! Courses that you may take the lessons in without a subscription will be labeled “Free course” on our course catalog.

For example, in the screenshots below, all lessons in Introduction to Big Data with PySpark are free as it has the label “Free course” whereas everything in Learn Advanced Python 3 is will require a subscription​ as it has the label “Course”:


Please note that the beginning of these free courses may include an article or video that you can access for free to see if this course (and upgrading to a subscription) would be a good fit. However, the content after this that is not a lesson will be blocked.

  1. Plus - Plus is our lowest price subscription plan. With Plus, you can access all courses and Skill Paths in our catalog. Also, you’ll have full access to all our member-exclusive content including the Codecademy Go app, projects, and walkthrough videos. We offer monthly and annual Plus plans.

  2. Pro – With a Pro subscription, you will have access to all courses (lessons, quizzes, projects, videos), Pro Paths (Skill Paths, and Career Paths) and our Codecademy Go app ––for learning on the go!

It sounds to me that you are in the free course Learn Advanced Python 3: Functional Programming, which does give you access to the lesson in this course for free! However, the other content will require a subscription.

I hope that helps provide some clarity! If you have any outstanding questions, please feel free to submit a request to our team via the Help Center.