Courses in french

Hi there!
I just want to know if courses in french (i.e. python ) are really discontinued?
Will they be supported for how long?
Will they remain online for a longtime?
Is there any possibility to report bugs and to hope them to be fixed?

thank you for reading me I hope you will bring me good news…

Support for all the interpretations was terminated when CC had to give up use of the interface. All newer courses use an interface from a different licensor and to date, no translations have been published. Whatever translated courses do still exist may or may not function as expected.

Bottom line, if you can find some lessons that you are able to complete, then add them to your progress and take from them what you can learn.

We are told that translations will happen when a suitable partner is found. It is a complex undertaking to replicate a course in another language, not the least of which is writing the SCT.

Hi mtf,

CC courses are really good and some users are not enough comfortable with english language to use it.
I’m looking for an equivalent of code academy, but in french … so if someone is aware of something, please tell me.
Otherwise I will have to work on developing this by myself. ;-)( Let me know if you want to join the dev team? ;D )
Have a nice day!

Good luck finding an equivalent. Most programming languages have their origins in an English speaking community of developers, or at least one that is willing to support the language paradigm (Python, Ruby, Linux, etc.) English is the norm. Master it and shape it to fit your language. Don’t expect it to change to fit your realm.