Courses Here Are Starting The Bad Way In The Beginning?

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I want to ask something , regarding the courses here in Codecademy . When I tried to start a data science course, i got overwhelmed with the explanation because i felt they stated from Z instead from A like a regular course should do . The thing is I’m not sure if they i felt overwhelmed because in the beginning they are just using some advance coding to explain things or this is how it works .

I will say i didn’t purchase yet the PRO plan but i want to hear more regarding the courses here so i will be sure it just a fault (me or their) when the lectures start in the beginning of the course/s


If you have little or no background in Python, then immerse yourself in both the free, Learn Python 2 course, and when you join Pro, take the Learn Python 3 course. I recommend doing both since together they cover a wider range of topics than just the Python 3 unit. Be sure you are confident in your fluency before beginning the Data Science track.

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What specifically overwhelmed you on the DS path? The Python portion? There is a lot of terminology that is thrown around but remember: you’re learning a new language and that takes time, repetition, patience and practice. I think being overwhelmed is very normal or common.

There is some overlap with the DS path and the Python courses (same lessons and projects). So, once you complete them in one course, they’re marked as completed in the other.

I can say from my experience learning DS that I started with some Data Analyst courses first (years ago) which will give you a intro to Python and then did the Python2 course and started Python3 and then DS. I think you can do Python and DS at the same time.

The DS course intentionally starts off with very advanced topics in the intro to show you what can be accomplished with the course. Pay attention to the output, not the code itself. Once you get into the Python programming section, you get to the actual start of the course. It’s like in movies when they start with the climax at the opening, then everything stops and rewinds to the beginning. Its a classic “hook” tactic designed to get you interested in reaching the end result.

As @mtf said, the DS course takes parts from the Python course and many others, but it skips several sections (mostly the exercises and supplemental material). If you find a particular Python topic too difficult after completing its section in the DS track, you can go back to the actual Python course and find that same section (with your progress already saved), then you can look for additional practice exercises or reading material that the DS course left out. The reason they do this is because the DS course is extremely long, and adding the entire Python course into it would nearly double the size of the Python section, while adding minimal practical content.

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