Courser is 3-4 spaces ahead of code HELP?!?

the Editor is spacing the courser about 3-4 spaces ahead of my code that i am working with. it has been doign this since i started learning python so i thought it was normal… but it is not.

Any help would be great… ill give an example of what it looks like below

Code here | <------ is the courser, it is spaced way ahead of the code

Please provide a link to an exercise where this is happening. Thank you.

Aside: cursor is the word I believe you are looking for.

yes thank you, the word was cursor.

this is happening in any exercise while using the editor while learning Python.

What happens when you reduce the window width?

How do you do that?
I’m not to sure what you mean

i have tried restoring down the window if that it what you mean

Yes, that is what I meant. What happens when you have a smaller window?

same thing. nothing is different

Please provide a link to the lesson, and a description of your operating environment:

  1. OS
  2. browser

ill jjust learn it somewhere else… sorry for the inconveinece