Course won't proceed even though I have typed code corectly



This is my code for css file to 1. "Set all paragraph text to the hexadecimal color #00E5EE."

  1. Set all paragraph text for paragraphs nested inside div tags to the hex color #CC0000. (What color will they turn if they've already been told in step #1 to be #00E5EE?

  2. Put a border with the hex color #3A5FCD around every HTML element. It can be solid, dotted, dashed, 2px, 3px, whatever you like!

    p {  color: #00E5EE;
    div p { color: #CC0000;
    * { border: solid 2px; color: # 3A5FCD;

I think this is correct but is there glitches in tutorials or is there something I just don't see.


your p css selectors seems to have a weird closing curly bracket, forgot to hold shift?

There are two proper ways to define a border, using the border property:

border: 4px dashed red;

or using the individual property:

border-width: 4px;
border-style: dashed;
border-color: red;

you seem to have used some sort of mixture with a incorrect property. Hope this helps



I will try that



Got it sorted.

Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees.

Great help